3 Revenue Affecting Strategies Every Hotelier Should Know NOW.

Lure-Agency-Hotel-Vanity-WebsiteDirect Bookings vs. OTAs. Why NOT having a mobile-friendly website is catastrophic to your bottom line.
If your hotel does not currently have a “mobile-friendly” website, the time to act is NOW. Do not “pass go” or wait another millisecond to take action. You will soon be at a huge disadvantage and every measure should be taken to resolve the situation before a cent more is spent on online marketing. It’s no longer an “option”, to compete in this highly competitive marketing landscape. Don’t take my word for it. Google’s Official Blog claims it’s now using mobile-compatibility as a factor in it’s upcoming search algorithm being released April 21. Failure to comply will result in a significant impact in your search results and your bottom line. This should come as no surprise as last year the company announced it would start including a “mobile-friendly label” to its mobile search results, so this is just another step toward a “mobile-forward” usability strategy. Google is doubling down on this request by giving the VIP treatment to responsive web design (RWD) as its preferred mobile-friendly website design solution moving forward. In year’s past, developing a mobile-responsive website has been a costly and overwhelming task. Thanks to advances in technology, what used to cost thousands and take months to develop, has changed dramatically. No more excuses.
Another key feature of your website should be the ability to add and update content on a regular basis. Why? Simply put, Google places a greater emphasis on returning fresher web content for it’s search queries. All web pages are given a score based on creation date and updates, which erode over time. So, if you have not updated your property’s site for some time, you’re (organically) dead to Google which dramatically effects your search ranking results and, ultimately, your bottom line.

cory team lureCory Falter
Chief Creative Officer


Forget being King, killer content is the all-mighty emperor of the internet.Lure-Agency-Content
If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website, which you should be, there are few quicker ways than through engaging, thoughtful, and downright useful, content. Top notch content will pose you and your organization as thought leaders, experts within your industry, while simultaneously building up your groupies. Every decent band has groupies, you should too. With that being said, you must make sure the time, energy, and resources you put into crafting good content isn’t wasted. Without the following three elements, you might as well throw the towel in, since no one will be reading your content anyway. First – figure out exactly who you are writing to, figure out who actually cares about what you have to say. Second – write interesting things that those people will want to spend a few minutes of their day reading. Third – track the analytics and feedback from your audience to make sure your groupies are actually showing up to your shows… or in this case, reading your content. Not just reading it, engaging with it as well. Do those three things, and you may quickly find that your website has more traffic than rush hour.

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Content Strategist


InboundLike bees to honey. What you need is an inbound marketing magnet to increase website traffic.
After your website is optimized and structured to the liking of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, and your content strategy is flowing, your next step is to implement an inbound marketing campaign. First, what is inbound marketing, and what tools, tactics, and platforms do you need to make it work?
Inbound marketing consists of digital marketing strategies that drive qualified leads from around the web back to your company website. What every inbound marketing campaign needs to be successful is killer content, SEO (search engine marketing), PPC (pay per click), social media, lead generation forms, landing pages, email marketing, inbound sales platforms, and analytic tools.
One thing that’s important to remember is your main selling point is always going to be the value your customers, clients or guests receive from your content. Whether it’s compelling website copy, premium downloadable content or informative and educational blogs, your content needs to add value to your audience and targeted personas. Now, how do all the inbound marketing tactics work together to drive qualified leads back to your website? Good question. Be sure to subscribe below to receive my next blog that will go into full detail on inbound marketing strategies and tactics.

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Director of Digital Strategy


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