Tips on Launching a Winning Video Contest :: Part 1

smiling friends sitting on yacht deckContent is King, huh? Enough already. We’ve got it, right? We all know the value of using content as part of our marketing strategy with the intent of influencing consumers and transforming them into customers. Leisure. Group. Wedding. And F&B – all segments can benefit for the effectiveness of content and inbound marketing to increase their bottom line. However, with the saturation of online messaging levels at an all-time high, the rule of thumb when producing content is quality over quantity. Now more than ever, smart and engaging content is what’s effective in connecting with the consumer on a deep emotional level, transforming them into passionate brand ambassadors. Publishing “flat” or “ho hum” content for the sake of “being there” can turn off the consumer and actually do more damage than anything else. The key is determining that fine line of being authentic vs. being appropriate.

One ongoing challenge is having the ability to produce a steady stream of content which enables us to continually nurture those online relationships, moving them further down the conversion process. One of the of easiest and most affordable ways to do this is to let your guests create some of this content for you. Combine hundreds of roving guests equipped with camera-ready smartphones and the landscape of your beautiful property, the stage is set for the potential for content nirvana.The possibilities are limitless. Above all other forms of content, video has proven to be the most valuable in terms of engagement and conversion, because it connects with the viewer on a multitude of levels. What better way to increase the flow of video content for your marketing purposes, than to host a contest to energize these opportunities? However, before you jump in, there are several key variables we’ve learned from experience, that will help ensure success and make sure your next contest isn’t a “belly” flop. For starters, here are the three basic factors you must consider for your next campaign.

Remember To K-I-S-S
Over the years, Lure Agency has hosted a number of contest and sweepstakes and without a doubt, the main factor in determining if it was a success or a failure was in participation. And participation was directly LURE-Video Contest stepsattributed to “complexity”. If your contest is difficult to understand, chances are, it will dramatically affect your success rate. It’s important to K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid). We use a basic, three-step process for our contest to ensure it’s easily understood and entry point is low. Shoot. Enter. Win. It doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that, right? Make sure you use a direct upload feature and utilize Facebook as the main “host” network page because of it’s popularity of the robust features of third-party apps.

Mobilegeddeon Was A Revolution
To say we’ve all “gone mobile” would be a dramatic understatement. Google thinks it’s time everyone should ditch their desktops once and for all. When concepting your video contest, make sure you consider mobile first and foremost since most of the entries will come from mobile devices during the entrants time of leisure. Again, be sure your contest has the ability to directly upload the video for submission, rather than using a link, direct upload is essential for a mobile device. Votigo was the only solution we found that has this ability and could have a huge impact of participation level. Keep the commitment level as low as possible by requiring as little info as possible. Name, email address, title and description should suffice, unless you must obtain additional info. Less is more.

Ask The Guerrilla To Do The Heavy Lifting
Digital this. App that. It’s easy to get distracted on the latest shiny new marketing tools. To ensure success of your video contest, it’s imperative your contest be promoted and talked about at the property level as well. Consider good ole’ fashioned collateral and printed pieces to help communicate the excitement to guests and customers. Lobby posters, counter cards and check-in flyers are very effective and low cost guerrilla marketing tools to ensure campaign success. Those constant reminders, strategically placed around high traffic areas can really improve campaign performance. Step up the excitement levels by letting your entire team know about the contest and give them tips on how to engage the guests and encourage them to participate. Offer to shoot video for them, so the whole family can get “into the game”. Talk about tip opportunities, right?

What are you doing for a content marketing strategy? Are you struggling to keep up the constant demand? Launching a video contest can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. You have all the elements around you to make it happen. Why not let your guests do some of the work for you? Creating a simple, yet bold campaign concept can be the best way to generate on-property experiences you can use for your future marketing efforts. Next, I’ll share with you how we concepted and launched a portfolio-wide video campaign for twenty six properties and lived to talk about it.

cory team lureCory Falter
Chief Creative Officer

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