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Still Think Content Marketing is a Waste of Time? Here’s 5 Reasons to Change Your Mind

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Taxes can be complicated, but content isn’t. The bottom line of content is that it positively boosts your business’s bottom line. Period. For some incomprehensible reason, there are STILL so many hospitality and lifestyle brands NOT producing any. What on Earth?!

Why Content Marketing Works

Do we have your attention now? Good. Listen up because we are going to pressure you into increasing your bottom line with the following reasons as to WHY you need to be producing content. Not if, not when, not even how, just WHY.

1. Rank Up

why content marketing worksNo one likes coming in last, and when it comes to searching engine ranking, last is obsolete. Have you ever gone to page two of a Google search? Have you ever clicked on a search option below the 4th or 5th? Rarely, if ever, does that occur. Content helps your site rank up in google searches. Blogging is an avenue for your brand to pop up at the top. Being at the top of Google is like being at the top of Everest.

2. Brands Without Personality Are Like Email Spam

How do you not sound spammy? By leading with your brand’s personality. Leading with your why, in the wise words of Simon Sinek. A blog is your chance to go beyond selling a product or service; it’s a chance to connect to human emotions. Emotions are what drive people to buy products and services, not sales pitches.

Let your true self (or your brand’s true self) shine through! Use your blog to make your audience laugh, roll their eyes, relate, cry, get excited, and more. Let it be a blooper reel, a window into the humanity behind your company. On the flip side, website and blog content without personality is akin to emails in the spam folder – it doesn’t drive traffic, it diverts it.

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3. Value-Focused Social Media Posts

why content marketing worksToo often companies are on social media because “it’s the place to be,” which is NOT a good enough reason. Social media, used well, serves as an OUTLET for incredible, useful, and emotionally driven content. Instagram and Facebook are other forums to utilize to form emotional connections with one’s audience. Connections that will lead to purchases.

Have you ever gone shopping after a glass of wine or two? Evoke such carefree spending of your audience from your emotionally potent posts! Merely sharing other people’s posts may be useful once in awhile, but if that’s your only strategy don’t expect quality leads as a result.

4. Experience Conversion Rate Bliss

When was the last time your brand felt blissful? Stay connected with your organization’s why through content, which will help you stay committed to your mission while building a loyal tribe. How we do anything is how we everything and a well-cared for blog is a direct sign of a well-intentioned company. You can thank your heartfelt blog for your new conversion rate bliss.

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5. Content Leads The Audience Right to Your Door

why content marketing worksIf Hansel and Gretel had laid more breadcrumbs trails in the forest, they might have made it out alive. There is no limit to the content you can have, and every single piece of content opens your brand up to another lead. According to Hubspot, businesses with 401-1000 pages of content get SIX TIMES more leads than those with 51-100.

What You Can Do Today: We get it, reading a blog with useful information is utterly useless if nothing is applied. No need to feel overwhelmed. Start at the beginning. Our recommended beginning is to get clear, first, on what your brand’s blog personality is! Should it be sarcastic? Encouraging? Angry? Silly? Give it a voice, even consider turning it into a personality and give it personality traits. That way, when you are ready to start producing content, you have an idea of how to sound, how to be personable your way. If you have more questions, comments, or concerns, chat with us! Lend us your ear, and we’ll talk the personality right into you!



Director of Content Development

Kick-butt content is what puts clients on the map, and that’s exactly what Zoë creates for them, and us. Through tapping into existing and latent passions, Zoë develops content that demands attention, thus giving her the title Content Strategist. Outside of work, Zoë is an avid aerial yogi, wanderlust-er, and adventurer.
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