Putting a face (and name) to measurable marketing.

Find customers sooner, and for less. Create campaigns that resonate because they are measurably relevant. Enjoy an ROI of results and relationships. Business just got a whole lot more fun.


Lure Agency employs both science + soul to reach out to buyers by name, in-market, and deliver creative that’s not just a story, it’s their story.


Propose to brides before they’re engaged. See meetings before there’s an agenda. Map out travelers before their vacation time’s approved.


By tapping into Lure’s proprietary analytic and creative process, you can build on black & white data to create the true picture of colorful, engaged and responsive communities.


And because the cost of acquiring and converting leads is way down, the quality and value of your service can go way up, compared to your competition. That will keep guests coming back. Let’s get started.

We all work for ROI (pronounced “Roy”).

Cory Falter

Chief Creative Officer

You’ll find Cory idling at full throttle. Slow-paced has never served the passionate and innovative CEO. That could be because he spent the first half of his life professionally racing dirt bikes, which segued nicely into his current career of the ever-competitive and extreme sport of advertising and marketing. He will get you to the finish line.

Susan Tucker

Director of Digital Strategy

Soccer mom, ski bunny and inbound marketing geek, Susan helps the analogged navigate the digital landscape. Social media, blogging, content offers and email marketing are her world, outside of start-up mecca and home – Boulder, Colorado. Susan is a social media junkie and you can often find her live tweeting from just about everywhere she goes.

Wendy Bolte

VP of Client Relations

Wendy thrives on integrating the science and hidden opportunity of P&L statements into soulful solutions for sales and marketing challenges. Her decades’ long passion to connect with independent luxury hotels and resorts is energized by her SoCal native lifestyle, grounded by her husband and inspired by her two imaginative children.

Michael Duffy

Brand | Creative Strategist

Duffy is really two team members in one. This Gemini spent two years pursuing an engineering degree before graduating in communications. Right brain and left brain come together to create synergistic concepts & copy, brand identities and experiential adventures in all media. Serious (and playful) science + soul storytelling. Nice Emmy.

Zoë Freedman

Director of Content Development

Kick-butt content is what puts clients on the map, and that’s exactly what Zoë creates for them, and us. Through tapping into existing and latent passions, Zoë develops content that demands attention, thus giving her the title Content Strategist. Outside of work, Zoë is an avid aerial yogi, wanderlust-er, and adventurer.

Alessandra Roqueta

Content Strategist

Allie Roqueta has a background in digital marketing, writing and photography, and a penchant for travel. At Lure Agency, she combines the written word, bold visuals, and a global perspective to transform stories into experiences. Her focus is to leverage today’s digital landscape by creating content that not only piques people’s interest, but provides enough value to be shared across platforms.

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