Ad Blockers Are Here. Is There Something to Fear?

True to form, Apple is calling all the shots. This time, they’re aiming at relieving consumers of ads on their mobile devices. That’s right folks, with Apple’s release of iOS 9, users are now able to download an ad blocking app from the app store dubbed “Content Blockers.”

Not hugely surprising, there’s been ad blocking technology around for a while, except this is the first time Apple has offered it, and the first time it’s being used for mobile devices. Bad news bears once more for traditional digital advertising methods, especially considering mobile device usage has risen significantly over the past year, and will continue to do so drastically.

Essentially this app will remove or alter advertising content on a webpage, replacing it with something else, or just leaving a big ad blockersblank space. Currently, ad blockers are targeting the more frustrating type of ads, such as popup and banner ads. As more and more users get a taste of the ad free speed of their browsers, ad blocking apps and technologies are only going to increase.

Panic not, though, because there’s actually much more to be done to combat this than you may think.

Yes. It’s Time to Rethink Your Online Advertising Strategy.
But guess what? It’s ok, and revenue just might increase with a newfound emphasis on quality content.

Traditional digital advertising methods are dying away. Even if a large percentage of Apple users don’t immediately opt for this new ad blocking ability, they still don’t wish to see ads, and especially not ones that obstruct their view, slow down their browser, etc.

The healthiest mentality your hotel can have, is “out with the old, and in with the new.” Be a leader in your industry, it may take some courage, but traverse away from PPC ad units, and enter into the goldmine of content marketing.

Between digital ad fraud and lack of analytics, how well have your PPC ad units been working for your hotel anyway? It’s likely you’ve been throwing a lot of money into them with a rather underwhelming ROI.

fearNo Need to Panic, There’s Another Way.
Wave goodbye to PPC, say hello to organic, inbound, content driven, website traffic. Organic – the fairytale word, getting your target market to naturally come to you. This is entirely possible, but it will require a bit of quality work on your end.
Hotel content marketing, promoting your hotel, advertising your hotel through videos, writing, photographs, infographics and more. Populate your blog with informative, engaging, and well-written content, and then promote your content through every means possible. Tell your hotels story in a meaningful way, tug at the heartstrings of your target market, and watch the revenue pour in.

Apple doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. Your hotel doesn’t have to fall behind. You can use this an opportunity to improve, to be a leader, and to attract more consumers than ever before. Content marketing for hotels is Lure Agency’s specialty, let us help you through this transition, and get you set-up for more revenue than ever before. Ad blocking will only continue to worsen, but it doesn’t have to affect your hotel, let us guide you through these rough waters, contact us today!

cory team lureCory Falter
Chief Creative Officer

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