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Content vs. PR. Is There a Battle Brewing in the Travel Industry?

“The Only Constant is Change.” Without change stagnation occurs, which causes complacency and the death of creativity – now where’s the fun in that?
In that past there was marketing, and then there was public relations. In the present, there’s still marketing, and there’s still PR, but both have shortcomings that are becoming increasingly relevant. If the two disciplines are able to combine forces and evolve into something greater than the sum of their parts, well then there may just be a need for that.
Enter Inbound marketing. Inbound marketing, also referred to a relationship marketing, is a fairly new marketing term that is based upon attracting visitors to your web property with helpful website content … and it has quickly become the new, extremely effective, kid on the block. But, does that mean it’s content vs PR? Maybe not. 

Every hotel, small business, non-profit, and giant corporation will soon be, if they aren’t already, utilizing a blend of marketing and PR, which these days brings us somewhere in the ballpark of inbound marketingThe two need each other to achieve ultimate success, and here are 3 reasons why:

Content Creation at it’s Finest

content vs pr - typewriterWhat do inbound marketers need more than anything for the inbound marketing strategy to actually work? High quality content.

Whose job is it to constantly be on the lookout for high quality content, while also searching for great story angles? PR professionals.

Herein lies the connection – PR professionals consult with the inbound marketers to give them that stellar content they are lusting after, and then the inbound marketers can take the content and work their magic. Bingo.

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Relationships Will Always Matter

content vs pr - typewriterThe world of inbound marketing has little to do with journalists. Inbound marketing is all about leaving a cookie crumb trail – we’re coaxing the audience to come to us.

Which is great, it’s nice to be able to cut out the middle man. Except, sometimes it’s helpful to have a middle man.

PR professionals are experts at knowing the ins and the outs of the media, and building relationships with the media professionals. Once the inbound marketing team has put together an excellent content campaign, the PR team can use their media contacts to see if the campaign can merit even more exposure.

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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

content vs pr - dataIt’s long been lamented that analyzing the efforts of PR is nearly impossible task, and when done well costs a pretty penny.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is all about analytics and data.

Every inbound marketing agency worth its salt uses metrics that measure site traffic, downloadable content, social following, SEO ranking, and lead conversion rates. Some metrics will even be able to measure how much traffic is being generated directly from PR coverage


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This convergence of disciplines is already happening, and though some agencies might fight tooth and nail against it, it’s the way of the future. Technology is constantly throwing us all for a loop, and the way to navigate the turbulent waters is to utilize one another’s strengths, and work together to build stronger, more innovative ships. Gone are the days of segmented industries, blending, fusing, and integrating strategies and platforms is the way of the future.

If your hotel isn’t utilizing inbound marketing yet, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon friends. Chances are you’ve already got a PR team, and now you understand the reason why you should introduce the two.

Combine your tools, go with the flow of change, and sail off into your successful future. We dare you.

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Cory Falter
Chief Creative Officer


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