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3 Spring Cleaning Tasks You Can’t Delegate to the Housekeeping Department

Travel season is just around the corner and, believe it or not, your housekeeping department isn’t the only one with mounting to-do lists to get ready for it. Your hotel’s marketing department should be too! Now is the perfect time “spring clean” the organization’s website and email marketing. Small tweaks now can reap big rewards later.

Here are three spring cleaning tasks to turn your hotel’s digital marketing into a lead-capturing machine.

Digital Marketing For Hotels – Spring Cleaning Tips

digital marketing for hotels1. Review & Renew

T0 best understand what needs to be updated, you need to first do a thorough review of your digital assets. Take some time to go through all the main pages of your website to check for obvious updates. Ask yourself these questions:

-Is the copyright date in the footer current?
-Are there any defunct links within the copy?
-Has anything on your “About Us” page changed, such as team bios or key stats?
-Do all social media links direct the user to the correct channel? NOTE: it’s important to differentiate between a “share” link and a “like” or “follow” link.
-Does the “News” section have current information?
-Is there an easy communication method on the “Contact Us” page, such as Instant Chat or a Phone Number?
-Could website visitors easily sign up to receive email updates?

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2. Check & Freshen Up Content 

In addition to looking at tone and brevity of the copy, you’ll also want to look at the logistical aspect of each of your posts for premium optimization and reach. Visit analytics to determine the pages most visited and check them to be sure they’re updated and include a current call to action. Boost up the least visited pages by freshening up the title, adding new images and links. Also, take some time to look at pages that have not been updated recently and find out if the content still applicable.


– Create or update your content calendar
– Make sure there is a diverse selection of media options – text, photos, and video –  and fill in where necessary
– Launch an online survey
– Discover where you can repurpose existing content. Ex., turn a blog post into a video; dissect a White Paper into several posts; create a SlideShare around related topics

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A 100-page website ranks higher than a 10-page one that covers the same market, 99% of the time. And a 500-pager beats the 100-pager and so on. The key though is keeping your content fresh and constant.

digital marketing for hotels3. Consider Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software and web-based services to execute, manage, and automate marketing tasks and processes. These services take over manual, routine and repetitive tasks so that you don’t have to manually do them all, especially when staff may be stretched thin already. They are purpose-built to help with specific aspects of marketing. Some places that may benefit from a marketing automation program:

-Social media postings
-Email marketing
-Content Distribution

Marketing automation should be used thoughtfully, the last thing you want your potential customers to think is that you’re robotic. But, when used well, it can free up hours of time and resources that may be better spent in other areas of your hotel.

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This spring cleaning tips are certainly not exhaustive, but they should get you moving in the right direction! As always, if you’re feeling stuck, don’t forget to reach out. We love creating the fuel that drives traffic and conversions.


Susan TuckerSusan Tucker, Director of Digital Strategy

Susan brings her experience and enthusiasm as Director of Digital Strategy. A certified Inbound Marketing professional, she believes consumers should not be “sold to” but that they should find value in brands that are providing the products and services they are seeking. Outside of work, you can find her chasing her boys on the ski slopes or watching them on the sidelines of the soccer field.

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