Bean missing out on group revenue?

Performance-Based Direct Sales Support Program 
for Boutique Independent Hotels

A dramatic reduction in staff and demand has made traditional business development obsolete and hotels must now actively search for new ways to operate more efficiently.

As a result, we’re offering a re-imagined, cost-effective direct sales support program that inverts the traditional compensation model from salary to performance-based.

Our interim program is designed specifically to help hoteliers maximize their revenue potential by utilizing proprietary technology and strategies to drive, nurture and book opportunities during uncertain times.


Highlights Include:

  • • Reduce Overhead and Payroll
  • • Increase Profitability
  • • Leverage Decades of Performance
  • • Minimize Risk
  • • Predictable Forecasting
  • • No Long-Term Contracts
  • • Optional proprietary Revenue Management solutions offered by our partner, HRX Hotel Revenue Solutions.


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