Extraordinary Hospitality Meets Passionate Marketing for an Unparalleled Partnership

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Extraordinary Hospitality Meets Passionate Marketing for an Unparalleled Partnership

Benchmark Hospitality International, a recognized global leader in the management and marketing of resorts, hotels, and conference centers, has partnered with passion-based and content-driven marketing agency, Lure Agency. Unlike many management companies, Benchmark Hospitality International takes an entrepreneurial approach, to foster creativity and individuality among their properties, while still providing consistent quality, service, and performance. Dedicated to providing outstanding support to all properties, Benchmark has created two distinctive portfolios of properties: Benchmark Resorts & Hotels, and Gemstone Collection.

Anything but uniform, both brands work diligently to ensure each property has a distinctly local flair, while still exceeding global hospitality standards. This is made possible by the strength derived from the combined skills of each officer, manager, and team member throughout the organization, which is where the company philosophy is derived from; “Mosaic of Skills.” Honoring and encouraging each team member, and each property’s uniqueness and individuality is a beautiful concept. True strength lies in having access to a variety of tools and ideas, which is why Benchmark has chosen to partner with Lure Agency.

Lure Agency’s primary role will be to help assist both brands to capture opportunities in Inbound Marketing, primarily focusing on content and social media curation and strategy, focused on increasing website traffic, direct bookings and lead generation. The agency’s first task will be to further develop, manage and promote content for Mosaic Traveler – the online version of their highly coveted Mosaic Lifestyle Journal. This online version serves to highlight events, happenings, personnel, forward-thinking strategies, resort destinations, guest experiences and more, for both portfolios. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with the exemplary people and properties that comprise Benchmark,” says Cory Falter, Chief Creative Officer at Lure Agency. “We’re incredibly passionate about this new concept of content marketing and eager to leverage these effective new strategies to increase ROI and revenue.”

Both organizations are innovative experts and are sure to have a long, prosperous future together. Hospitality and marketing are strongly interconnected, so it’s imperative that both industries reinforce one another. Combining Benchmark’s mosaic philosophy, and Lure Agency’s passion, the hospitality industry’s newest team is destined for success.

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