Good reviews = revenue. Here’s how you can increase both with ease

Reviewer-graphicsReceive constructive criticism, insert “eyeroll,” shudder, and… ignore. Not to play the blame game, but that tends to be how a lot of businesses react to negative, or even only partially negative reviews. Oh, we get it, that nasty review written by a generally angry person ranting about absolutely nothing relevant, makes you want to bang your head against a wall. Rather than ignoring it though, and hoping it goes away like a bad splinter in your finger, you must address and move forward. Reviews provide the fuel needed to assess internal changes, promote oneself, and build excellent customer service rapport.

Look at in another light, reviews are your key to more revenue. In the simplest term possible, reviews = $$$$. If you know what your customers want you to do, then you can actually do it, and then you will keep having customers, over and over again. On the flip side, if your services are lacking somehow, but nobody tells you, and business starts to decline, you’re dead in the water. Being dead in the water only happens to businesses who refuse to collect feedback. Help your business to become a happy fish, that is swimming faster and stronger than ever.

Previously, in order to be successful in the review department, a hefty strategy was required. Paying close attention to each review, thanking the curators of good reviews and then promoting them, apologizing to reviews reflecting grievances and offering further correspondence, and finally – dealing with downright angry reviews and attempting to move the conversation to a more private location.

That strategy is still excellent and effective. Recently a review marketing platform has been developed that streamlines the entire review strategy process, saving time, and easing one’s mind.

Renown Reviewer Marketing is a dream come true for businesses who truly desire to heed their reviews and take their revenue to the next level.

You Need Customers to Write Reviews
Renown’s platform prompts customers to write reviews via email campaigns, SMS, check-in features and more. At one point or Renown-Widgetanother, each customer will be presented with an opportunity to write a review, with the idea that as many reviews as possible will be created.

Make it Easy On Yourself, View All at Once
Rather than having to go fishing to find each review coming in from various locations, Renown aggregates them into one dashboard with a live feed. This enables you to view, and manage, each review in one easily accessible location. Perhaps the most appealing feature is review responses. A US-based team manages and responds to each and every review in a professional and timely manner. With all of that saved time maybe you’ll actually be able to hit the gym, even break for lunch.

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Similarly to having a live review feed that you can constantly view, this platform enables you to showcase your best reviews from all the major reviewers sites live on your website and social media channels. This way, potential customers can easily see positive reviews of your organization, rather than having to go search for them. This also decreases the chances of customers seeing negative reviews, since they will likely be satisfied with the reviews they’ve read in the live feed.

There are quite a few other nifty features this platform offers to further increase efficiency. You can set up real time alerts via email, to be notified every time a new review is received. Additionally, you’ll have one URL that you can add to every possible review forum that will direct each review into your aggregated feed.

Accept the challenge posed to you by customers. Digest their feedback and respond graciously, while making clear adjustments to your business. There’s no quicker, or highly respected method of improving oneself. Whether you use Renown’s platform, or develop your own strategy, the key is to be constant and consistent, leaving no review behind. Sound interesting? Check out for more information or call me at 619-273-5100 ext. 1 and I’d be happy to discuss this strategy with you in detail.

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Chief Creative Officer

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