The worlds best hotels and resorts are mobile, and not in the way you’re thinking.

In the mobile-centric world we now live in, your hotel should have a contemporary look and feel, but most importantly, be functional for the modern traveler.
Among the many benefits all industries enjoy by having a mobile web design or a mobile app, there are specific benefits for just hotels and resorts that you should consider.

1. Emails on Mobile Devices

Most email marketing is read (or discarded) through mobile devices. The 2013 Digital Publishing Report, the main activity performed by 80% of smartphones users consists in writing, reading and exchanging emails. If you have any links to your website for more information on specials, packages, and booking that don’t translate easily on the next screen, consider that sale lost. Easy landing pages with mobile responsive design will help your customer make the next step in their buying behaviors.

2. People will not install an app

If you’re considering mobile in your strategy, you might consider an app as a viable option to develop. DON’T DEVELOP AN APP. Not only are you limiting your user base to specific platforms (iOS, Android) but in the immediacy of trying to book a reservation, users will not be looking in the App Store or Google Play to reserve a stay. A study by Yahoo found that 73% of smartphone users prefer booking on mobile websites rather than via apps. Take back business from OTA’s by allowing direct bookings on mobile responsive websites. If guests can’t figure out a way to book easily on their mobile device, consider that sale and future business lost forever.

3. On-the-go travelers

Today’s traveler is often making last minute booking decisions and plans. If plans fall through, flights are delayed, adjustments are made to itineraries most consumers immediately begin searching for accommodations on their mobile devices. In those precious moments of decision making, a mobile responsive design is critical to keeping your hotel as an option an on-the-go traveler. Split second decisions are made based on functionality and ease of use. Make sure they can book, and book easily. Results from a Google studies show 67% of users stated that a mobile-friendly website will increase the likelihood of making a purchase, including direct bookings.

These are only a few reasons hotels and resorts need a mobile web design. Contact us to discuss a few more reasons, or explore our options for hotel websites including mobile responsive website design.

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