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With A Lead Growth Of Over 2,000%, This Bay Area Restaurant’s Live Music Isn’t The Only Thing Rockin’

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In an increasingly disjointed and fractured online world, it can be easy to become disenchanted with web marketing. You may be wondering if your website is getting found by the right customers or even where your online messaging ends up.

Luckily for us here at Lure Agency, we have partnered up with a revolutionary technology platform with a proven track record for local awareness. We’ve been able to bring more website visits, more leads and more sales to our hospitality clients.

Hospitality Marketing – Where Results Count

We recently ran the numbers for one such client and are excited to share the data.

This is how we did it.

The Situation:

Bistro 880 is a dining and entertainment venue in Newark, California. Armed with a seasoned chef, talented local DJ’s, and an incredible space, Bistro 880 is a local’s ideal entertainment destination. This restaurant/after-hours venue is the perfect subject by which to test locally-focused marketing solutions.

The Why:

Competition is fierce in the restaurant niche, especially in the Bay Area. Since nearly 90% of consumers begin their search online, the importance of online visibility couldn’t be higher. Additionally, more potential guests than ever are using their mobile device to search for their next venue, so extra emphasis must be placed into the overall strategy.

The Plan:

The first step in creating a locally driven plan was to build an SEO-optimized website that is updated with fresh content monthly. We then worked to claim, optimize and manage all online listings. We were able to gain a sizeable share of the local entertainment market by making it easy for customers to call, get directions and interact with the business.

We incorporated listings management for continual updates and accuracy. In addition, we published monthly blog content and emails and created a VIP club.

Our cohesive content and social media strategy allowed us to integrate all events and promotions fully.

The Payoff:

During the two-year period, we saw year-over-year increases resulting in:

  • Nearly 100K searches
  • More than 5000 total clicks
  • Roughly 2300 leads
  • 215K total views
  • About 7K “events” – visit menu, get directions, calls, reviews, etc

Our work smarter, not harder approach continues to deliver the right customers at the right time resulting in a full house every night!

Key Takeaways:

The increase in total leads supported our theory that locally driven marketing tactics, in conjunction with supportive content and social media posts, can generate higher quality leads for local businesses with no need for paid promotion.

Here are a few takeaways you can use:

  1. Research the most popular keywords for your industry
  2. Use location-specific keywords to show up in local searches
  3. Revamp old content with keywords
  4. Use keywords to optimize to optimize for voice search
  5. Reward customers with VIP programs

Curious how Lure Agency can get these kinds of results for you? Contact us today! >>

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