The brutal reality. And a golden opportunity.

Like it or not, lead generation and client acquisition are transforming forever. Today, nearly all sales start online in some form or fashion. Advancements in technology, specifically in artificial intelligence and machine learning, will soon seperate the winners from the losers. Amazon vs. brick and mortar stores come to mind. This disruption is happening fast and furious.LeadFlood was created to give B2B sales teams an unfair advantage by leveraging the power of identity resolution. This powerful tool works to give you an edge over your competitors by giving you immediate, real-time data informing you who is in the market to purchase what you sell.Key highlights include:


If you’re relying solely on inbound leads, chances are you’re experiencing a decline in volume, quality, and conversions. The trend will only worsen, so now is the time to turn things around for good. The golden key to your long-term success is about developing more RELATIONSHIPS. Not RFPs.

According to SalesForce, 35% of outbound sales are awarded to the vendor that responds first. Imagine if you knew who and when a prospect was actively searching for the product or service you sell way before your competitors or the RFP process?

AlwaysBe First

Direct Revenue Increase

Commissions and fees from third-party sources are costly and are non-scalable.Your very best leads are on your website right now but 95% will leave without a trace. Convert more of those prospects who are considering a purchase.

Without a pro-active outbound sales strategy, growing revenue expectations will be a massive challenge.Rather than solely relying on inbound inquiries, predictably fill your pipeline with direct opportunities, thus decreasing dependence on outside sources.

Regained Control

Simplicity in Execution

Simplicity = No Marketing Required.Leads are delivered straight into your CRM, like SalesForce and are segmented as HOT or WARM opportunities. Pick-up the phone or send an email to initiate a conversation.Yes. It’s that easy to rock an outbound strategy.

With great power comes great responsibility.LeadFlood does not collect any personal data and is not subject to privacy regulations as with GDPR and CCPA. It performs by connecting purchasing behavior with B2B profiles already available to anyone on the internet.

Privacy and Compliance

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