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Lifestyle Branding – The Rationale Vs. The Emotional Reasons People Buy

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Have you ever considered how we make buying decisions?


Hi it’s Michael from Lure Agency. Happy science + soul 2018.

Today I’m going to talk about science and soul as it relates to decision making. And specifically the rational and emotional components of that decision making.

The fact is that we all make decisions primarily on our emotions and we justify those on the rational side– the science side. That’s how the science and soul come together. The more we can communicate those things as one message that works together, the more we can get new customers and retain those that we already have.

A great example that’s running right now is the Subaru campaign. Once upon a time, Subarus were basically the trucks of the car industry. They were all-wheel-drive– very utilitarian– not very sexy, and they had a good following. But most recently, they revamped their marketing and it’s been extremely successful. Their new campaign: “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru”  is based off of the fact that we have this science of what the car is– an all-wheel drive vehicle that can get you out of the city and the hustle and bustle and allow you to commune and hang with the people you love. That unification of the message is extremely powerful and compelling.

Thanks for listening and if you need help infusing science into your marketing, give us a buzz.

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