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Lure Travels – Epic Tales from a Passion-Based Agency

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Passion is everything. We are true believers of that, after all, our slogan is passion based marketing.

Work, play, travel… it’s all better with a bit of spirit, gumption, or liveliness. Passion is what transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. The dull into the fascinating.

Who wouldn’t want to live fully, embodying passion in each moment?

Over the years we’ve begun to bridge the gap between our hobbies and our work.

We’re a marketing agency striving to guide the hospitality industry into meaningful marketing – to be relevant and thoughtful to their communities. To produce content and helpful tools to make the trip, wedding, business meeting, etc. more efficient, fun, and simple.

See, we know hospitality, we know the travel industry inside out. Why? Because we’re a team of travelers! We are passionate about traveling!

So as we gear up for Summer, to mix things up, we thought it might be fun to introduce you to our passionate, traveling team. Each Lure team member offers a unique talent and perspective to the agency, and we’ve asked each one a few background questions regarding travel, including insider travel tips. Enjoy!


Cory Falter – Chief Creative Director

Cory is the fearless leader of our agency. A loving father, husband, and friend, it’s safe to say Cory inspires others to live passionately.

Out of the Vacations and Trips You’ve Taken so Far in Life, Which is Your Favorite?:

In 2001, I had the experience of a lifetime when the General Manager at Necker Island, a friend of mine by the name of Jay Wesley, invited an intimate group of us down to the small private island in the British Virgin Islands. Necker Island is owned by billionaire Richard Branson. The week long stay was complimentary, which is no small detail. Believe it or not, a week on the island can cost up to $500,000. Even better than the island stay itself, was the happy opportunity it presented to propose to my then girlfriend Heather, and now wife of 14 years!  Luckily for me, the island’s mesmerizing setting was too much to resist, and she said “yes.” We’d love to revisit soon for our 15th anniversary, but there’s that small detail concerning the price tag. Who knows, Sir Richard might be persuaded to let us celebrate – on the house!

lure agency travel tipsTell Us Two of Your Favorite Travel Tips:

-Dive deep into TripAdvisor before planning a trip to a new destination. Good, bad or ugly, all reviews will be there. You call tell much about the authenticity of a hotel by taking the time to look below the surface.

-Ditch the major publications and get a fresh perspective from smaller and niche travel blog sites. It’s a great way to find the hidden gems, avoid nightmares or learn unique ways to save money.

Tell Us Your Next Bucket List Trip:

I would love to visit Southeast Asia. Primarily Vietnam and Cambodia. As a boy growing up in the late 60’s early 70’s and aware of the war, I was always fascinated by the dramatically different culture, breathtaking landscape and resilient people.

Fill in the Blank: “I love it when a hotel offers ___”

A welcoming experience. One example in particular was my last visit to Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort in Curacao. I was immediately greeted at the entrance with an authentic island beverage and warm towel. A small, but very personal touch.

One Travel Accessory You Can’t Live Without:

A neck pillow is an absolute must for long, and especially crowded, flights. I forgot one, and was so desperate my last trip, I had to borrow my daughter’s dolphin-themed version. It earned me a few laughs from my fellow travelers, but that was a small price to pay for comfort.

Favorite Travel Quote:

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Susan Tucker – Director of Digital Strategy


tucker family NYCOut of the Vacations and Trips You’ve Taken so Far in Life, Which is Your Favorite?:

My favorite trip recently (it’s really hard to choose a favorite ever!) was a trip to New York City in celebration of my oldest son’s 10th birthday. We spend four days exploring the city including a trip to the Statue of Liberty, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, hanging out in Central Park and going to see the Lion King on Broadway where we were able to tour back stage before the show. The boys enjoyed taking the subway everywhere and my husband and I loved soaking in the sights and sounds of the city. Now my younger son wants that very same trip for his 10th birthday! 

Tell Us Two of Your Favorite Travel Tips:

-Using deal sites such as Groupon or Living Social to find fun family activities (with coupons!) in the area in which we are visiting.

-We always make sure to photograph all important documents with my iPhone prior to the trip, and then back them up to the cloud.

Tell Us Your Next Bucket List Trip:

My bucket list trip right now is for our family to visit Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. Not only is visiting Hawaii on my wish list, but spending our time at Turtle Bay would give my kids the experience of surf and ukulele lessons at the resort, plus, all the other luxurious amenities they seem to offer). Counting down until when this can happen!

Fill in the Blank: “I love it when a hotel offers ___”

A robust kids program. It really makes a difference in a trip when you can go to a hotel or resort, and know that the kids will have lots of great options for activities.

One Travel Accessory You Can’t Live Without:

My iPhone charger.

Favorite Travel Quote:

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


Zoë Freedman – Content Strategist

lure travels

Out of the Vacations and Trips You’ve Taken so Far in Life, Which is Your Favorite?:

This is a challenging question, as I’ve been blessed to have gone a great many adventures. I can’t choose just one. I took a trip to Peru with my sister in January of 2015 which was spectacular. We spent a week deep in the Amazon rainforest at an Eco Lodge called Tahuayo Lodge, which is a truly remarkable place, and we had a guide who surpassed all expectations and was beyond compare – thank you Rodrigo! We spent the second week in the Andes Mountains exploring the Sacred Valley region, and of course, hiked around Machu Picchu, which was more impressive than we could’ve imagined. In the summer of 2015 I traveled to the Middle East and visited Egypt, Israel and Jordan. That was all around amazing trip, but the two main highlights were: going on a river cruise down the Nile River for 3 nights and stopping at temples along the way, and seeing the ancient city of Petra (in Jordan) both during the day, and at night illuminated by hundreds of lanterns.  

Tell Us Two of Your Favorite Travel Tips:

-This isn’t as much of a tip as an app suggestion, but I recently discovered the app Hopper, and it’s life changing. Basically, you simply put in your desired flight itinerary and it will do all the searching for you, and then give you a list of the lowest prices. Oh and, you can have it “watch” itineraries and it will alert you if the price drops or increases. Yes!

-Always smile and make friends along the way! Especially with locals because you never know who will share their insights or hospitality with you! While in Peru my sister and I made friends one of the men working in our tour company’s office, and he ended up taking us on a personalized tour of Iquitos – on the back of his motorcycle! That was an adventure we’ll never forget! We saw a side of the city we might never have otherwise!

Tell Us Your Next Bucket List Trip:

So many places! I have practically everywhere on my bucket list. Today i’ll say the Philippines. The Philippines are comprised of over 7,000 islands, and is home to rare geological formations and plant and animal species. The Philippines still aren’t as touristy as say, Thailand, and it’s a really cheap place to visit so money goes way further! Two main spots I can’t wait to see for myself are: El Nido and the Chocolate Hill of Bohol. Another bucket list trip is South Africa and Madagascar!


Fill in the Blank: “I love it when a hotel offers ___”

Really authentic suggestions on sights to see. Any hotel can tell a guest about the main tourist attractions, but how many actually suggest a place they themselves enjoy or frequent? I prefer to avoid tourist trap type places, so any hotel that can set me on track to see or do something truly awesome, is a hotel that I appreciate!

One Travel Accessory You Can’t Live Without:

Kindle. Before a trip I will download anywhere from 6-10 books – I love to read clearly – and if the books are good enough, any layovers or downtown between events goes by in a flash! I like that it’s light, takes up hardly any space, and holds a charge for a very long time!

Favorite Travel Quote:

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” – Michael Palin


Amber Berg – Director of Social Media Strategy


Out of the Vacations and Trips You’ve Taken so Far in Life, Which is Your Favorite?:

We are in love with Kauai, HI! We love how the island brings out our adventurous side. We’ve hiked to secret waterfalls, kayaked, and captured amazing views of the Na Pali Coast. When we travel to Kauai, our favorite thing to do is get in the car, find a random road leading to an amazing beach, and spend the day snorkeling, relaxing, and enjoying the view.  

Tell Us Two of Your Favorite Travel Tips:

-When traveling, always save a day for turning down random roads and seeing what you find. You never know which hidden gems you may just discover!

-Sounds snooty, but I always ask for an upgrade – what’s the worst they can say?

Tell Us Your Next Bucket List Trip:

Tahiti/Bora Bora in one of the over the water bungalows for sure! The turquoise water, tranquility and snorkeling has my heart pounding!

Fill in the Blank: “I love it when a hotel offers ___”

Wine hour at the end of the day! Nothing like going back to the hotel and reflecting on your day over a glass of wine!

One Travel Accessory You Can’t Live Without:

A camera for sure! We love to take pictures of our travels and use them as art in our home.

Favorite Travel Quote:

“We take photos as a return ticket to moments otherwise gone.” – Author Unknown

From private Caribbean islands to the Egypt, our team has been all over the globe. We could work our inbound marketing magic in any industry, but we choose hospitality because it’s our passion! We hope you find time for some exciting adventures or relaxing getaways this Summer. Who knows, maybe a few of our travel tips might just enhance your next vacation! Bon Voyage!

Chief Creative Officer

You’ll find Cory idling at full throttle. Slow-paced has never served the passionate and innovative CEO. That could be because he spent the first half of his life professionally racing dirt bikes, which segued nicely into his current career of the ever-competitive and extreme sport of advertising and marketing. He will get you to the finish line.
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