Paradise Meets Passion. Announcing the Partnership of Cap Juluca and Lure Agency

Paradise Meets Passion. Announcing the Partnership of Cap Juluca and Lure Agency

Cap Juluca, a luxury beachfront retreat, situated on the idyllic Caribbean island of Anguilla, has partnered with passion-based and content-driven marketing agency, Lure Agency. Located along the intimate crescent of Maundays Bay, the resort is considered to have the best beach in the Caribbean. Known as the spot for romantic adventures, Cap Juluca is a 179-acre haven where sand, wind, and water blend seamlessly with world class dining, exceptional outdoor activities, high-end accommodations, and the friendliest people of the Caribbean.

The resort features Greco-Moorish architecture, and has recently received several millions of dollars’ worth of refreshment and rejuvenation. Every single one of the resort’s 15 villas, housing 69 guestrooms, is beachfront, ensuring guests will always feel a warm and gentle Caribbean breeze blow across their privately covered terrace. Sparing no expense to enhance every guests stay, Cap Juluca is the ultimate in Caribbean luxury. Constantly striving for the absolute best, Cap Juluca has chosen Lure Agency to guide their strategic and pointed marketing efforts, in order to attract a luxury clientele to the resort year round.

Lure Agency’s signature role will be to assist the resort in capturing opportunities in Inbound Marketing. The primary focus of the partnership will be content curation and strategy, focused on increasing website traffic, direct bookings, and lead generation. Lure Agency will be developing, managing, and promoting content for Cap Juluca’s blog, which features articles about the uniquely luxurious lifestyle of Anguilla.

“Cap Juluca is the Crème de la Crème of Caribbean resorts, and we are immensely honored and excited to partner with them,” remarks Cory Falter, chief creative officer at Lure Agency. “Not only is Cap Juluca a Pioneer among the Caribbean luxury resorts, they set the bar within the tourism industry for customer service excellence.”

Deriving innovation from passion, both organizations are able to stay true to their missions, and provide superlative services. Hospitality and marketing are strongly intertwined, and rely upon each other for prosperity and success. With their talents and knowledge combined, there’s no limit to what Cap Juluca and Lure Agency are destined to accomplish together.

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