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2015. Finding the Zen of Passion-Based Marketing

Body mind connectedness is the tagline of yoga – seeking to connect one’s mind with one’s body through various methods, the most well-known and popular method being Asana – or yoga poses. If you take a moment to really think about it, you may experience a “duh” moment. “Duh” my mind and body are connected, or should be, my mind is within my body, and is, therefore, connected. Or maybe your thought process is more along the lines of, “I know my mind and body are physically connected, but it makes sense that I should work on increasing my awareness of the connection and try to deepen it” (through yoga or another method.) Either way, it’s a no brainer that one’s brain should be in sync with ones body.

Personal growth is great and all, but what is it that really drives people to get their butt’s on the mat over and over again? We’re willing to wager it’s a pretty basic reason – passion. The various emotions and physical states experienced before, during, and after a yoga session leave the participant with an increased appetite for more. Yogis and Yoginis are simply passionate about yoga, because it resonates within their lives and it inspires and challenges them.

Yoga and 70%

Understand What Engages and Inspires You This may or may not come as surprise – a staggering 70% of the American workforce describe themselves as “disengaged from work.” Meaning more than half of working Americans aren’t interested, inspired, or driven by what they spend nearly all day, everyday doing. That’s downright depressing. Yoga teaches to seek self-understanding, to constantly and consistently look inward, and based on the findings, make changes. Life is a f***ing crazy ride, with constant ups, downs, u-turns, stops, drops and more, but every single moment matters, and should be embodied fully. If you’re spending every moment at work counting the minutes until closing time, then you’re missing out on more than half your life. If that’s the case, then change might be in order. We can’t, and won’t, tell you what to do, but we can lead by example.

 Embody Every Moment

Let Passion Inspire Work Passions first, “work” later. Taking a leaf out of Yoga’s book, over the past year we’ve been doing some serious soul-searching to determine how to be present in all moments. To be present, we must be passionate. Thus, Passion-Based Marketing was born. We took a hard look in the mirror and asked ourselves what we’re passionate about. Each of has different passions – aerial yoga, family, cuisine, adventures, travel, relationships and more.

All of our passions come down to three main categories: Travel + Hospitality + Lifestyle. It might seem ludicrous that a marketing agency cares so intensely about passion, but maybe that’s what makes us unique. If our clients passions are in alignment with our passions, then not only will we have commonalities, our energies will flow together to produce organic and fresh results. It’s like any relationship in life – if both parties are genuinely interested in one another then it just, simply works.

Mind-body Connectivity; Work-passion Connectivity

Enjoy Your Work So here we are, catapulting ourselves into the new year feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready to take our agency, and our clients to the next level. People share passions, or at least, they want to. People crave feeling connected to others, and sharing passion is a powerful way to do that. That’s our marketing mantra. Be, feel, and share your passions and people will come. People will share, buy, and give your product or service – not because you hoodwinked them, or tricked them, but because you shared a passion with them. Join our passion movement, share our vision, and the hope that moving forward that 70% can transform. Find a little zen, make a little passion, improve your lives.

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