Super Simple Social Media Strategies You Can Really “Feel”.

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It’s no surprise most of us are living crazy, chaotic lives chock-full of daily tasks, appointments and responsibilities. How could we possibly get it all done without the use of tools to keep us focused and on track? Thankfully, there are notifications on our calendar apps, “Reminder” apps built-in iOS, and old-school to-do lists to help us navigate through out the day. Consistency and organization is critical. And developing effective social media strategies is no exception.

According to our reporting data for the last few months, our clients main impression metrics come from people checking in to their business. Making user check in a vital part of business awareness on social media. While Check-In-Impressions-Rank-Highfocusing on increasing other segments of impression data, your business should also focus on inspiring and reminding users to check in, post photos, and actively engage with you.

Obviously, the hospitality industry is fertile ground for social media because there is so much to review, photograph, and experience. Your typical guest uses their phone throughout the entire stay, while relaxing or waiting for their food to be served, will post about what they are doing right then and there. Now this, is a very exciting scenario for content marketers.

To spur activity, we’ve come up with some tangible and creative reminders for the average destination to implement into their normal operations to stimulate check ins, engagement and even return business. Oftentimes, the most basic and simple strategies garner the largest returns. For 2015, we’re all about “K-I-S-S”. Not the band, but the principle “Keep It SimpleStupid.”

1. Signage and Welcoming

A simple sign or counter card is basic, yet effective tool to remind users that you are active on social media. It may seem obvious, but I’m constantly surprised on how often this basic concept is overlooked. Consider designing a sign at the front reservations desk. Have your staff members suggest, to customers, politely to check in on their favorite social media outlet before seating them or while they order drinks. The more people that check in, the higher your social reach numbers will climb.

Simple Concept: When a wait staff member first touches the table for drinks, have them suggest politely and encouragingly to check in on social media. Simply being asked might be reason enough for some guests to take action.

2. Coasters or Drink Napkins

If a straight-up request is a bit forward for your staff, here’s another idea. Utilize a drink coaster or napkin to connect with your guests during their experience. Some of the most unique and creative times to engage a patron is while they’re seated at a table. In between waiting for bread or an appetizer, the urge to play on your phone, look around, or make conversation with those at your table is irresistible. This is the perfect time to strike with a witty line of copy and a call to action such as a hashtag, discount, or free item to spur a check in and engagement.

Simple Concept: Come up with a daily joke, and tweet it. On the coaster or napkin have a line of copy which reads something along the lines of “Need a joke to tell? Check out our twitter ‘@blah’ and follow us if it makes someone laugh”

3. Run a ‘Check In’ Promotion


Most people will only connect with you or even engage with your business when you offer them something in exchange. Consider a low-cost, yet enticing give-away or offer at check in, whether it be a discount or free item.

Simple Concept: Have your wait staff inform all customers of the promotion upon arrival and develop table signage or menu inserts to inform diners about the promotion. Offer a free appetizer or dessert, or a small discount on their entire meal. Discounts as low as 5% can seriously influence customers to check in or engage with you. Consider offering the discount for them as a coupon for their next visit as a bounce-back promotion.

There are many, many other ideas for creative ways to remind restaurant patrons to engage or check in on social media. Have any success stories of your own? Let us know!

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