Hotel Vanity Website Will Help Increase Direct Bookings

Vanity is Overrated, Except When Talking About Your Hotel.

You’re a great hotel, offering competitive prices, in a fantastic location. Incredible! Except, no one cares. Or at least, no one cares yet, because they don’t know that they should care. They just don’t know enough about your hotel, yet. Likely that’s because your hotel is relying too heavily on OTA’s, a ineffective website, or a non-mobile friendly platform.
Luckily, there’s a simple solution for hotels – a vanity website. A little vanity never hurts, especially when it’s required to draw attention to your hotel and what makes it great!

Hotel-website-responsive2Sure, your hotel already has a website, in fact, it might have three. But the amount of websites your hotel has, doesn’t correlate with how many bookings you receive, or how effective the websites are. Are you even able to update your hotel’s website? How long would it take for you to either, let someone know what updates are needed, or track down the information on how to update the site yourself? Likely, the process of making changes or updates to your hotel’s website leaves you banging your head against the wall. This is common, unfortunately, and it’s absurd.

Thankfully, creating an awesome vanity site is easier than ever. Here’s a quick breakdown of why you need a vanity website NOW.


Discover the Reality of Direct Bookings. Think, guest searches for a hotel, your vanity site pops up, they visit your site and find the information they’re looking for quick and easy, and BAM, direct booking.

Up Your Adaptability Game. Smart phone, tablet, computer, doesn’t matter, because your vanity site works on every single one. No more direct booking losses due to “technological difficulties.” It’s 2015, and your hotel is finally “with it.”

Say Goodbye to Headaches. Seriously, making copy changes, adding updates, uploading pictures, etc. are all easily manageable tasks, which any team member can accomplish quickly and without stress.

Warning, Search Engines Will Find You. Is it vanity if you’re really as amazing as you say you are? Search engines love vanity sites because the framework is easy to crawl and they love fresh and engaging content, so get ready to actually be found on Google.

When it’s all said and done, though, this is yet another “thing” you have to “deal with,” right? Not quite. Sure, the decision to develop a vanity website may not be overwhelming, but thanks to advancements in technology, has never been so obtainable or affordable.  Best of all, it will not break the bank, but it will result in an increase in, well, everything. So all you’ll need to prepare for is – more revenue.

Hotel Vanity Website Will Increase Direct Bookings

Get ready to take your hotel’s revenue potential to the next level. Don’t waste anymore time, especially with summertime right around the corner! Your hotel can, and, will stand out among the masses with the aid of a vanity site. Check out one of our latest creations here.

That’s Just Dandy, But Where Do I Go From Here?

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends and insights is overwhelming. We know. Let us navigate the waters for you, and help your hotel succeed even in the most challenging situations. If you’re in need of solutions and answers, reach out… we’d love to lend a hand.

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