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Want to Beat OTAs at Their Own Game? Here’s Their Secret

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If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ve probably taken notice of OTAs and how they have been scoring record profits for the past many years. Some hotel executives have even identified OTA’s as an impediment to profitability, but we think it’s possible to turn the tables back. Right now Facebook, Google, Amazon, and OTAs are legally using a secret strategy to grow year-over-year profits, and we’ve unlocked the secret to this success, it’s called Identity Resolution.

The good news is, what was once only available at an enterprise level is now available on a wider scale. Now, it’s your turn to succeed using the same technology large organizations have been using for years. Here’s how.

What is Identity Resolution?

A method of resolving the identity of your website visitors to put you in permanent control of your “first-party data.” It sounds simple, but the technology is incredibly complex.

Think of it this way…

Every website you interact with (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) assigns an identifier to you. A “code” so they know who you are when you come back.

It’s not a question of if, but when. Will you be using this strategy OR will you compete against it?

Here’s what you need to know, now.


In year over year growth, online research before a purchase is at an all-time high reaching nearly 90% in 2017. And, this is not just for internet purchases, it’s across the board from beauty products to cars. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, it’s no surprise. As a marketer, you understand that those who are visiting your website are your very best leads. These are customers who are actively searching for what it is you have to offer but unless they fill out a form, you have no idea who they are or how you can best serve them.

These prospects are golden opportunities, but without their contact information, there is little that can be done to follow up or better nurture them into a sale.

What if … you could legally identify anonymous visitors by name, address, email and phone number just by adding a code to your site? Imagine the value of knowing exactly who to market to easily re-engage and nurture them into a sale.

Imagine how this advantage could improve your bottom line!

Success in business has a lot to do with knowing something others do not know. Identity Resolution is your Competitive Advantage.

What is Site Visitor Match?

Site Visitor Match is a form of Identity Resolution which gives you the advantage to drive revenue. Site Visitor Match allows you to resolve the identity of half your visitors, without the needing them to fill out a form. This is the same strategy Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook have all used to scale so quickly. Best of all, it’s considered first-party data.

How Site Visitor Match Works?

When a visitor lands on your website, our technology is able to match that visitor with information we have in our consumer database. This allows us to resolve the identity of that visitor and place them on a list that is unique to you. This list is permanent, portable and owned and controlled by you.

Let’s look at a real-life example. Maria is in the market for a beach vacation for her family. She starts by asking for advice on Facebook, then she does a Google search, she may navigate to Travelocity and spend time looking at photos, reviews, and pricing. She’ll read a couple of bloggers’ reviews, and continue in her research. She’s obviously in the market to book! By having a simple script of code – a pixel – on your website, Site Visitor Match will pick up on her purchase intent based on her previous behavior and give her a score which you can use in your follow-up marketing. Pretty amazing, huh?

You can engage with Maria on every channel.


Best of all, you can use the data and find a lookalike audience, just like Maria.

Why let the OTAs, Google & 
Amazon profit from YOUR data?

Site Visitor Match gives YOU the control to increase revenue.

“At long last,” says Cory Falter, CEO of Lure Agency, “first-party data will give us the ability to foster personal and meaningful relationships with our prospects. I’m excited to know I will soon never have to see another marketing message that has no relevance to me.”

Benefits of Site Visitor Match

Under the current system, you don’t have access to the data you generate without relying on a powerful supplier such as Facebook or Google to allow access to it from within their platform. SVM allows you to manage AND use all of your first-party data in one place, regardless of the platform it originated from.

Because you now control your data, it can be used in ways that were previously impossible. SVM gives you a permanent audience under your management that can be used on any platform and at any time, forever. Marketing your own products and services is just one of the ways in which it can be used. Joint ventures, affiliate deals, list rentals and many other opportunities (more on this below) become possible when you own your data.

  • Full & permanent control over your prospects
  • Quick and affordable method for generating profits
  • Increased conversion and decrease costs
  • Privacy and GDPR compliance issues NOT applicable

what is site visitor match

Why first-party data is key

With SVM you can grow an InMarket audience 10x – 20x faster than with any other method, such as relying on form-fills or opt-ins. This opens up enormous possibilities to partner with businesses that desperately want access to exactly the kind of data that you own.

Who else could benefit from having access to your first-party data? Partnerships, co-marketing opportunities, “list swaps,” rentals and many more opportunities become available to you. List brokers and data companies charge enormous sums for doing nothing more than providing lists to companies that are based mostly on third-party data. What could you charge for access to verified first-party data that also comes with identities attached?

  • Defined as information you yourself have collected about your audience
  • Gathered from website analytics platforms, CRM systems, and business analysis tools
  • The only data Site Visitor Match captures


Having a deep understanding of your website visitors – your hottest prospects! – using identity resolution is going to propel your profits. With the demand for attention at an all-time high, you need to meet people in the moment with personalized messages. Site Visitor Match today is what SEO was 10-15 years ago, it’s a real game changer.

What to learn more? Get info and request a consult here.

Cory Falter, Chief Creative Officer

You’ll find Cory idling at full throttle. Slow-paced has never served the passionate and innovative CEO. That could be because he spent the first half of his life professionally racing dirt bikes, which segued nicely into his current career of the ever-competitive and extreme sport of advertising and marketing. He will get you to the finish line.

Chief Creative Officer

You’ll find Cory idling at full throttle. Slow-paced has never served the passionate and innovative CEO. That could be because he spent the first half of his life professionally racing dirt bikes, which segued nicely into his current career of the ever-competitive and extreme sport of advertising and marketing. He will get you to the finish line.
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