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Whoever Thought a Sweepstakes Would Be A Great First Date?

So there’s you, alone, hoping to find a match made in heaven. And then there’s them, alone, also waiting to discover someone who can fulfill their needs.

Now all you need is to meet, and have that first date, and the rest can, and will, be history.

Are we talking about dating here? Or are we talking inbound marketing? One could argue – what’s the difference? Ok, yes they aren’t the same thing, but if we consider, for a moment, the similarities between the two, perhaps the path to achieving inbound marketing success will be clearer.

The first date is the opportunity to plead your case, to start to build the foundation of the relationship which will influence the relationship forever more. So how do you get to the first date?

Inbound Marketing. Resistance is Futile.

Somehow you have to meet, be introduced, or set up, which is exactly the same situation in inbound marketing. How will your prospective target markets know they need your service when they don’t know who, what, or where you are yet?

That’s what social media is for.

After you’ve established your social connections and channels and have started communicating through them, now you need to set up your first date, so to speak.

It’s not even usually enough to simply guide your audience to your website and then leave them hanging. That would be like inviting your date, on the first date, to the restaurant but then not showing up.

Bad idea. Won’t achieve the desired results. And there certainly won’t be a second date.

What to do? You need to create your version of a first date. For hoteliers, consider opting for the tried and true sweepstakes.

Yes, your virtual first date can be a sweepstakes, and it will go fabulously well. Here’s why:

– You’re giving away yourself. Or rather your services.

– Life is a two-way street; the target is considering your services in exchange for a chance to try them, for free.

– Of course only one, or a few, lucky winners will actually win, but by giving the hope and excitement of winning means, you’re already building rapport.

– You are successfully nurturing and setting the groundwork of what may blossom into a beautiful and fruitful relationship.

– You’re attracting an audience.

– You’re building intrigue which leads to more time spent on your website and social channels, which may result in more engagement, which will result in more exposure.

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attraction marketing - sweepstakesTo summarize, holding a sweepstakes will set your hotel up for a chain reaction of events that all lead to your hotel becoming more well-known. Becoming more recognized will inevitably lead to more leads. First date success.

We know this works from The Great Grove Giveaway. The Grove Resort & Spa is the newest luxury, all-suite resort to hit the Orlando scene. Though it doesn’t even officially open until a few months into 2017, The Great Grove Sweepstakes has been consistently building an entire “grove” shall we say, of first date successes. Since the onset of the sweepstakes each month there has been nearly 40K website visits, 23K sweepstakes form submissions and 15K unique opt-in leads.

In the dating world you can’t just sit around and wait for your perfect match, you need to go out and attract one, buy his or her a drink, get to know them and set the foundation for future dates. Inbound marketing is quite similar – we can’t sit around and wish our audience to our websites, oh no, we must act – we must offer something, we must take our audience on a marketing version of a first date!

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