Why isn’t my Hotel’s Facebook Marketing Strategy Working?

Four common mistakes made when using the social site for marketing your hotel.

All too often we bring on a client that is frustrated with their past efforts on Facebook. Most of the time there’s a disconnect between departments or the person tasked with managing the hotels presence on Facebook is constantly thwarted by internal roadblocks. But, a lot of the time we find that simple strategy issues prevent most hotels from effectively using the social media site. These issues are easily fixed and with the proper person or agency managing your hotels’ presence, can bring good news to your bottom line.

No advertising budget/strategyCPSD-Ad-Example

With Facebook’s declining organic reach, an ad budget is a must to properly distribute your marketing message. We’re not saying you need to advertise or boost everything you post, but if you’re offering some sort of discount or special package, get the message out by spending money on Facebook Ads.

Most of the promotions we advertise for our client hotels tie into a specific event or convention. One of the best advantages of Facebook Ad’s are catering very diverse packages tied to sports, music, or other types of events, to people who are interested in that topic.

Plan to add Facebook advertising to your yearly budget. Consider how much money you spend a year for OTA commissions, if you could take a slice of that and help drive more direct bookings instead, Facebook Ads could potentially pay for themselves. Budgets as low as $200/month could significantly improve the success of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Not driving traffic to your website

Likes on your posts or page have never been a great way to measure results of your marketing. We don’t even recommend advertising for likes alone as part of a Facebook Ads strategy. Instead incorporate your Facebook strategy into driving traffic to your website as part of an Inbound Marketing strategy. We’re not saying to do this for every single post. A content mix includes offers, lifestyle, and sharing relevant content is where we find success for our client hotels. Make sure the important stuff leads to some sort of landing page on your website to turn your visitors into customers.

No CTA’scpsd-ad-example 2

If you don’t tell your audience what to do, they won’t do much of anything! While we avoid the phrases ‘like,’ ‘share,’ or ‘comment’ as much as possible, we try to make sure important posts drive the audience to perform a specific action; answer a question, visit a link, spread the news to their friends, etc. Without these calls to action, normally active users become passive. One interesting way that Facebook’s algorithm works, is as a user engages with your post, they see more of your posts in their feed. Keep your audience active, and they will see more of you.

Not using Facebook Insights



Does your audience skew more male or female? What age range are they? What city do most of your engaged fans live in? If you can’t tell me simple demographic information right now about your audience, what makes you think you’re actually writing something relevant for them?

Use Facebook Insights about your page to craft your content. Facebook Insights gives you more than enough information to tailor your content and tells you when most of your fans are online so you can post at specific times throughout the day to make sure your message reaches the most people! Use insights to craft everything from ads, to promotions, to content. If your audience skews female, post more flowers around your property for lifestyle shots, develop a spa package, or focus more on promoting packages for events nearby that skew mainly female.

These are only a few of many reasons a marketing strategy for Facebook could be failing for your hotel. If you have questions or need help rocking your hotel online marketing strategies, contact us today for an overview of how our agency can help.

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